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Math Drills By Minot is available online right on the website or as a downloadable file that installs the program on your computer.  The versions vary slightly but are very similar. 

Math Drill By Minot includes over 50 computerized drills for math skills divided into 5 levels.  They start at addition and go through Algebra 1. 

The following screenshots from the downloadable version are just a few of the drills:

Click here to see the games that you can download as a member.

Below are samples of just some of the drills that are available.

Whole Numbers:   Addition - Division drills.


Fractions:  Equivalent, Reducing and Addition - Division.



Decimals:  Converting to and from Fractions and Addition - Division.


Integers:  Addition - Division and Order of Operations


Rational Numbers:  Addition - Division of Positive and Negative Fractions and Decimals.


 Algebra:  Combining Like Terms

Distribuative Property

One and Two Step Equations



Multiplying Binomials and Factoring Quadratics


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