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Lay all of the tiles out upside down.

Each player selects 7 tiles and places them in front of him.

Each turn, the player tries to spell words on the colored bricks. He can lay down a word by itself or he can change any or all of the tiles from a word that another player has laid down by stacking his tile(s) on top.

You get one point for the single tile words, two points for the two tile words and three points for the three tile words. You get the points even if you only change one tile.

You can build as many words as you can in a single turn. (Dictionaries or word lists are allowed, but you might want to set a time limit.)

At the end of your turn, discard the tiles that you don’t want and then draw again to get back to seven tiles. (Any tile that is visible on the discard piles may be used by any player on their turn.)

Play to a predetermined number of points usually twenty.

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