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Speed Checkers

This game is played just like regular checkers but is faster and more fun for the young player.

Place 5 of each player's pieces on the black spaces on their sides of the board.

Each player takes turns moving toward the opponent's side of the board on connecting black spaces.

If there is an opponent's piece with an empty space on the other side, you must jump that piece. When you jump, the piece is captured. Double jumps are allowed but optional.

When you reach the opponent's side of the board, your piece becomes a king (stack another tile on top to show it is a king). A king may move or jump in any direction along connected black spaces.

Use these normal checkers rules with one exception: the pieces have the letters and letter teams printed on them. Pick out some that the student is working on and play with those. The student should say each sound before moving the piece.

Capture all of your opponent's pieces to win.

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