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Capture The King

This is another game that can be played on the nine-man-morris board.

The green pieces are the guards and the red pieces are the attacking army.

The goal of the game is for the red pieces (the army) to capture the king by landing on the center space.

The guards try to prevent this.

Each person must move one piece to one connecting space on each turn or jump a piece to capture it.

The guards have been ordered to attack at any opportunity so they must jump if they can. The attacking army does not have to jump if they do not want to.

The attacking army cannot jump to get into the king.

You have to get the guards out of position by ganging up on one side or by making them jump you pieces.

As the attacking army has the advantage and usually wins, play once and then change sides. Who ever has the most men left when they captured the king wins.

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